Great Service

In order to provide great service, we use "Advantage PHC" benefit assistants.

The Advantage PHC program is your personal benefits assistant. Their job is to assist you in finding providers, helping to understand your benefits, helping to schedule procedures, and much more! They will even help you understand your claims and fight for you should something not be correct. We highly recommend calling Advantage PHC prior to scheduling or accessing any medical care.

How does it work?

Advocates address clinical issues, price transparency, claims/benefit questions, grievances, paperwork, and other urgent needs.

Finding Care: Transparency & Access

Find the right doctors, hospitals, and other providers
Schedule tests and appointments
Compare cost & quality
Negotiating with providers and facilities on Reference Based Pricing Health Plans

Problem Solving: Hands-On Support & Solution

Claims Explanation & Support
Medical Bill Reviews & Audits
Fee & Payment Negotiation
Untangle medical bills
Resolve insurance claims and billing issues

In conclusion, the Advantage PHC program serves as a dedicated benefits assistant, offering comprehensive support to individuals navigating the complexities of healthcare. By providing assistance in finding suitable providers, scheduling procedures, and understanding benefits, Advantage PHC ensures transparency and access to quality care. The program's advocates address a range of issues, from clinical concerns to paperwork, offering hands-on support and solutions. Whether it's negotiating with providers on pricing plans or untangling medical bills, Advantage PHC is committed to simplifying the healthcare journey for its users. We strongly recommend leveraging the services of Advantage PHC before scheduling or accessing any medical care, as their expertise can make a significant difference in understanding and optimizing your healthcare benefits.